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Martha Woodworth is a professional tarot card reader, astrologer and psychic advisor. She has read for more than 10,000 people worldwide. She had the first psychic column in the U.S., was the horoscope columnist for The Las Vegas Weekly, and taught tarot and astrology at Santa Fe Community College. She has made guest appearances on Morning Live and The Good Day Show, and appeared on the true crime show Unsolved Mysteries in her role as a psychic detective. She helps law enforcement and clients investigate crimes and find missing persons. All readings are strictly confidential! 

Contact her for an appointment: (702) 866-6682.  

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I am here to answer your pressing questions clearly, and guide you to your cherished goals! I will scan my tarot cards and your astrological birth chart to see your past, present and future, and uncover any barriers that may be impeding you. I believe that a "better" psychic is strictly confidential, at once spiritual and practical, makes specific predictions, offers guidance in all areas of your life: love, career, family, job, self-empowerment, making major decisions, and boosts your self-esteem because she is on your side. A half-hour reading can clear up worries immediately! 

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Martha Woodworth: Psychic Tarot Card Reader and Astrologer.

Are psychic readings real? You can change your life for the better with just one of my exclusive telephone card readings or astrology assessment with a free card reading. Together we will locate the source of your career, relationship or spiritual dilemma, and come to see the possibilities for positive change. With the guidance of the 78 tarot cards, nothing is too much for us. Your horoscope is your birth mythology and you deserve to know what it is!

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Martha's readings are the real deal! I had a lot of job issues I was confused about and she cleared them up for me. I love her warmth and sense of humor as well. They put me at ease and I had a great reading! Thank you, Martha!   Brian Murphy, Gloucester, MA

I have just finished an amazing "life reading" session with Martha. Wow! So insightful, so uplifting! It was just what I needed to get moving again in this sluggish economy. It was like she has known me all my life. She helped me realize my strengths, my natural abilities, and how the planets and stars will help propel me into the new year. I can't wait for our next session. Karen Finnegan, Las Vegas, Nevada

I found Martha very intuitive and honest. She has the ability to find the areas you really need help with and gets answers that are very helpful. I must say she really was able to characterize me perfectly without any input from me, and gave me some good advice for my future. She will also answer any questions you need to ask. I highly recommend her and her services.

Shirley Cupp Doe, Bridgeport, CT

Your reading for me was fantastic, Martha. I will definitely be back for more!  Phil Jones, Portland, OR

I  call Martha when I am stuck and need trusted, insightful, intuitive feedback about something that is keeping me stuck, usually in  relationships and career. She is able to tap into information that has  proven correct every time!. Recently, it was about dealing with issues  related to my new home that were driving me crazy. I was losing my focus  at my job because I was so stressed. Her reading was spot on and  highlighted what I needed to see to move forward. Thank you Martha!  Highly Recommended! Tora OBrien, Honolulu, HI

Martha tells it like it is. If you want the truth about your life cycles, and her guidance (like a personal coach) as to the things to put your energies to, then get her on your team. I consider her a resource on my "board of directors." Money well spent if you listen, and follow the stars. Sandra Leigh, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Martha helped me get clear on a career move that had been plaguing me for months. Thanks to her I am earning money at something I love and I make my own schedule. Martha named my innate talents with laser sharp accuracy, helped me pinpoint my core values, and helped me see what areas of creativity are the most exciting for me. I highly recommend contacting Martha to anyone challenged with a major life decision. Her professionalism and authenticity speak for themselves. Marsha Kelleher, Detroit MI

I highly recommend a psychic reading with Martha ! My reading was very informative of course, but also very much fun. Martha was intuitive and insightful, and helped me really understand myself better and improve my focus. Martha also happens to be a very delightful personality and truly enjoys what she does. She makes you feel so very comfortable. I feel as if my reading was a true awakening and I believe everyone would benefit from a quality reading by Martha. Rebecca Collett, Las Vegas NV

What  a fabulous reading I got from Martha! I was on the fence about a  relationship with someone I was very attracted to but wasn’t sure if he  liked me. Martha encouraged me to pursue it after I told her about  another man who seemed to be more Interested in me. It turns out Martha  was right; the man I liked was thrilled to know it! I will definitely go  back to Martha in the future.  
Amanda Koziel, Allentown, PA

I  loved my reading from Martha. She was so caring and assured. She  explained the reading in a kind and clear way that gave me confidence. I  had serious career choices that required a fast answer and Martha's  reading led me to the best ones for me easily. I also found her a lot of  fun to talk to, and I feel that she is now a true friend I can rely on  for wise guidance. I recommend Martha Woodworth highly and will surely  go back to this gifted psychic advisor.  
Marti Klever, Las Vegas, NV

Martha, you have helped pave a path to get my confidence and power back. I really appreciate you!  Jared Costner, New York, NY

As a follower of Martha for many years

be it guidance for the year ahead or maybe just encouragement for a new personal relationship (let me tell you, she can spot a loser right way) she was so right on! Martha has the ability to understand your feelings, your questions, your hopes and dreams, and guide you with her readings.  Nancy Hibbs, Los Alamos, New Mexico

She is honest and real. She is the one I would love to talk about my life with again and again! Martha let me feel I was her friend for a long time, and that was very important to me. Barbara Hillyard, Boston MA

Martha has been reading for me since the mid-90's. She always has my best interests at heart, and gives great advice with her readings. Mike Lazar, Boca Raton FLA


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